Hidden Relics

Hidden Relics

Hidden Relics is a hidden-object game in which you look for lost antiques
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Hidden Relics is a wonderful hidden-object game in which you should find lost antiques all around Europe. The game adds a new concept to this genre, which is the introduction of unlockable gadgets. You need to find secret objects that are very well hidden on different levels, which certainly requires some time. In order to unlock the gadgets, you'll need to win a number of mini-games that mainly consist in different types of puzzles and memory games.

The puzzles have an increasing level of difficulty and there are enough of them to reveal the different parts of the gadget without having to play every level of every puzzle. This is good because you can choose to play the ones you like the most. However, using the gadgets is quite an uncomfortable experience, making players feel frustrated and not wanting to find the secret objects at all.

We could say that the graphics are very good, but the scenes barely reflect the location you are visiting. What is more, some of the objects appear in many locations and exactly in the same place. What I do like about the game is that if you click on any of the objects on the list, a handbook appears describing the object. This is useful if you don't know a certain object and specially because some of the objects are misspelled. The game is pretty long with 64 levels with at least 10 objects to look for, so I'm sure you will be playing for a long time.

All in all, Hidden Relics is a good game for both novice and experienced players, but there are some flaws that should definitely be solved in order to attract more players.

Silvana Mansilla
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Review summary


  • Long
  • Adds a new concept
  • Good mini-games
  • High-quality graphics


  • Objects appear in many locations at exactly the same place
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Using the gadgets is not easy
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